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Case Studies

Check out the below case studies to get a sense of past engagements with Vishal Jain consulting. Each of these case studies takes a different approach on more inclusive gender equity with a focus on masculinity. Bringing men into the conversation isn't a one size fits all model. Are you interested in working together to achieve gender equity?

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Harvard Graduate School of Education

All Faculty Training: Creating Gender Inclusive Learning Spaces

Utilizing case studies, gender identity development theories, and queer theory Vishal Jain partnered with Catherine Maloof (Sesame Workshop) to co-create and deliver a workshop to all faculty at The Harvard Graduate School of Education centered on creating gender inclusive learning spaces for students. Faculty left the workshop with increased understanding of gender identity, the impact of that identity in learning spaces, and 5+ concrete recommendations on next steps to implement in the classroom. 

University of Utah

Men's Engagement Ambassador Facilitation Training

Looking to equip their undergraduate men's engagement ambassadors, The University of Utah engaged Vishal Jain Consulting to conduct a training on men's group facilitation. The workshop utilized best practices in affinity space dialogue, creative arts, and group artifact creation to empower the group of men's ambassadors to facilitate conversations about healthy masculinity across the University community.

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Uncle's Club Initiative

In an effort to address the lack of conversation around masculinity in South Asian communities Vishal Jain partnered with Jay Dev to form the Uncles Club. The nation-wide group met virtually weekly and explored the intersections of south asian identity and masculinity, including topics such as family/parental influence, romantic relationships, body image, and the influence of religion/culture on the masculine identity.

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