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Year 1 Report Available

Strategy, Operations and Facilitation 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Consulting

Independent consulting services for organizations looking to grow and flourish authentically. Provides strategic, operational, and facilitation consulting with a specialization in topics of gender and masculinity

Gender and Masculinity 

Intentional and Involved Gender Equity


Promoting gender equity by empowering responsible masculinity and creating spaces for authentic, connected and collaborative community with all gender identities


Building a world in which men are active contributors to gender equity and responsible role models of their masculine identity. By engaging men to step up and step in, we can create a future free from violence, discrimination, limitation, and injustice for marginalized gender identities.


Men stepping up and stepping into the conversation of gender equity by taking responsibility for the impact of their masculine identity and role modeling healthy masculinity for those they influence

Listen to the podcast to learn more:

Strategy, Operations, and Facilitation


Co-creating organizational DEI strategy through research, advisory, and workshops


Supporting key operations for organizational success including grant writing, communications, and data analysis


Creating and delivering DEI focused programming for youth and adults


Participant - Cultivating Responsible Masculinity Workshop

"This workshop - and Vishal's savvy facilitation - offered a space for me to explore my experiences around gender in really important ways. Being able to engage in these dialogues with other men felt useful, connective, and generative."

Let's Work Together

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